How It Works

Studying online affords our students the freedom of studying wherever they are, to join in our global classrooms. We also have a number of EcoSpace buildings across Africa including Durban, South Africa and Accra, Ghana, enabling our mission to deliver and access high-quality education for you to prioritise your learning without physical limitation.

Our Short Learning Programme

Experience online education that mirrors the deep-structure learning and academic excellence of our London campuses. Our programmes are broken into manageable modules, designed for self-paced learning for a working professional. Our students are afforded the opportunity to be an active participant of a global network of students and facilitators, collaborating and constructing knowledge and skills required for your future career.

Subject Matter Expert

All of our programmes are curated by subject matter experts, who create current and industry-relevant course material, providing you direct access to the most up to date business skills and knowledge to position you for the future.

Online Academic Tutor

Each online short learning programme has been assigned its own Online Programme Facilitator and Online Retentions Officers. Your Online Programme Facilitator will guide engage you in thought-provoking discussions and encourage you to build upon the knowledge gained in the programme.